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intercultural business competence
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European managers and employees who work with Japan often find that it is difficult to communicate effectively and that the intercultural misunderstandings behind such issues seem impenetrable.

A key to successfully communication in the Japanese business environment is harmony: to understand how to communicate not only with words but also with empathy!

Indeed, successful exchanges with Japanese counterparts require an inhabitual attention to detail and a significant investment in time in order to learn a whole new set of rules of communication.

Another key factor is that communication in Asia, especially in Japan, is extremely indirect.

For instance, while a “yes” signifies agreement in the West, in Japan it merely indicates that a statement has been understood. For the Japanese, non-verbal communication is given more priority, and a gesture often tells you more than the proverbial 1000 words…

In cultures which differ so much as those of Japan and the West, one needs to invest in learning about intercultural communication.

Being prepared for the subtleties of the communication environment from the get-go will help to make your interactions with Japanese partners much more harmonious and effective.

… Möckel Consulting is here to support people and companies who want to penetrate the Japanese market or interact with Japan.

… Möckel Consulting offers a range of solutions to meet your needs from Intercultural Seminars through to individualised coaching, so that misunderstandings will not occur in the future.

With Möckel Consulting as your partner you are on the fast track to successful business relationships with Japanese partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests.