Marketing and Public Relations

As a result of our inter-cultural business consulting activities, Moeckel Consulting has frequently been engaged in assignments related to external and internal communications.

How can Japanese companies best position themselves in Germany through communications activities, and how can German companies best position themselves Japan? What is the most effective way to successfully introduce and market German products and services in Japan, or Japanese products and services in Germany?

How can companies avoid misunderstandings when communicating and interacting with the public, the press and media, opinion leaders, political groups and employees?
How should companies respond to cultural crisis situations? And how can German or Japanese companies integrate employees from other cultures without experiencing losses caused by inter-cultural friction?

As part of the Moeckel Consulting team, Sabrina Hintzen provides integrated solutions to challenges and questions that arise in this field. Ms Hintzen is an expert in Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, with 25 years of international experience.
Her previous roles include experience as a Senior Consultant at BBDO, a Director of BBDO Consulting, and as a Managing Director and Partner at Ketchum-Pleon. She has over 10 years of experience with DAX-listed companies.

Brand & Corporate Communications:

- Generating media coverage online and offline
- Social media implementation
- Press releases and press conferences
- Compiling speeches and arranging speaking opportunities for business leaders
- Crisis communications: Guidelines, issues management, ad hoc media relations, internal communications
- Change and integration communications

Marketing Communications:

- Sales
- Customer retention
- Customer crisis management
- Catalogues and folders
- Events and trade shows